WTM Academy [v0.29b] By Ninoss


Ninoss Games released a new game called WTM Academy and the version is 0.29b. The game’s story is about In this game you’re managing a girlz only school. The main goal is to disturb them when they are passing their exam to keep them in your school as long as you can to satisfy their parents. The game also features many other components like PTA meetings, management, and events … This game uses real porn assets, and the goal to be higly moddable to have infinite replayability and customization.

Developer: Ninoss
File Size: 910.8 MB
Version: 0.29b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.2x :

Coming Next : PTA Update, Tutorial


More photoshoots ! QoL improvements and sponsor explanation + tons of bug fixes 

  • Added : 13 Photoshoots
  • Added : 2 girls
  • Added : 1 special event
  • Added : 2 sponsors
  • Added : Multiple events related to sponsors
  • Added : eventManager class to handle and queue rdm/planned/modded global game events (see HOW_TO_MOD.txt)
  • Added : Winterization of the game
  • Fixed : Application forms all showing the same photoshoot number (thx stho90)
  • Fixed : Bug crashing the game if changing selected request while another one was already filled
  • Fixed : Wedgie action was calling another event (thx aqvaman)
  • Fixed : Photoshoot event was skipping some photos
  • Fixed : Bad order while generating traits causing some stats to not be counted accordingly
  • Fixed : Bug preventing some exam events vids to be displayed (thx Yup)
  • Fixed : Some elements were not properly shown in the sponsor request UIs
  • Fixed : Photoshoot’s “start” daring was misscalculated
  • Fixed : Corrected a bunch of typos
  • Updated : While selecting an object for a request, the related compatibility will be showned (txh katmandomo)
  • Updated : Conflicting traits (ex: having Rich and Modest traits) should not be possible anymore
  • Updated : Some UI/QoL improvements here and there
  • Updated : High naturism girl will have a chance to not generate bras at all
  • Updated : Some cache system to show WTM stats’s website pages much faster during high traffic
  • Updated : Corrected a bunch of typos
  • Updated : Added more parameters and options for modders, see HOW_YO_MOD.txt
  • Updated : WTM stats’s website now shows additional stats related to sponsors
  • Updated : Cleaned up traits statistics descriptions
  • Updated : More stat changes will be displayed in the game, “multi” stat changes also supported now
  • Balance : Sponsor weekly support now scale more importantly with relationship, you should be able to stay afloat (even in late game) with only 1-3 high relationship sponsors.
  • Balance : Photo Club upfront cost reduced : 750$ => 500$
  • Balance : Photo Club Nudity upfront cost increased : 500$ => 1000$
  • Balance : One event to “save” the player in case of a soft lock due to academy’s low funds.
  • Balance (experimental): Naturism gains during exams have been decreased by 80%. Girls will now gain naturism at the end of Photoshoots. Need Feedbacks :p

Developer Notes:

This game as the goal to be higly moddable, don’t hesitate to share what you would like to see in the game and what part of it do you liked for me to improve gameplay throught updates !

Game Images & Screenshots


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