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The Wants of Summer is an interactive story where a young man visits his hometown, Goldream city, with the intention of experiencing the summer season to the fullest. However, he soon discovers that his reality is not what it seems, and only by delving deeper into his investigation does he uncover the truth. All the while, he is going to have some fun.


  • Date: 1/July/2023
  • Name: The Wants of Summer
  • Version: 0.17 Public
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Aunt-Nephew
  • Dev: GoldenGob
  • Android: incg
1/July/2023- Updated to v0.17
  • 300 new CG
  • 6 new Maddie scenes with 3 animations
  • 5 Kate scenes with 2 animations
  • New triss scenes
  • Redone Jane scenes
  • Code reworks
  • Dialogue changes
9/May/2023 – First Upload, v0.156F
  • Redone scenes; Liz park scene, Kate bath scene, Keisha intro Gym scene, Jane flat intro scene
  • Redone videos for those scenes
  • New intro
  • New commission scene included
  • Changes to dialogue


Run of the mill incest game. Has enough content to play.

Content: ~4000 images, ~82 Animations total for v0.17 Public.


Sandbox, has grind. It has built-in in-game questlog thingy and relationship tab.


*did not compress, cause it will make it look horrible.

The Wants Of Summer v0.17 Public

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Last Updated on July 1, 2023

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