The Guardian [BlackHeart Games] [v0.12R]



As a member of the Delucci Family, you hold the status of a made man. However, your world takes a sudden turn when your ex-wife and her children become the target of a life-threatening attack. In accordance with the Delucci Family tradition, you are now appointed as their Guardian. The challenge lies in the fact that the children are unaware of your true identity. In this role, will you be a nurturing Guardian, someone who exercises complete control over their lives, or resort to intimidating them to gain their respect? The type of The Guardian that you become is entirely up to you as you work towards safeguarding them.


  • Date: 25/June/2023
  • Name: The Guardian
  • Version: 0.12R (Remastered)
  • Incest Content: Incest fest
  • Dev: Blackheart Games
  • Android: Incg
25/June/2023- Updated to v0.12R
  • Complete Remaster of the game.
5/March/2023- First Upload, v0.12


The Guardian deserves its only genre for it is super duper incest fest. Other games don’t hold a candle compared to this game in terms of incest, imo anyways…You fuck everything that is related here. I won’t spoil anything. Just go for it!

Content: ~7000Images, ~314 Animations Total for v0.12R.


VN mode, smooth, no grind.


Note: You can get non-gallery version on dev’s subscriberstar page.


Last Updated on June 25, 2023

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