Tavern of Spear [v0.28a] By Caro


Caro Games released a new game called Tavern of Spear and the version is 0.28a. The game’s story is about story revolves around a small tavern. You play as “Eyvind”, A young wolf warrior from The Lost Spear Tribe.​

Developer: Caro
File Size: 602.6 MB
Version: 0.28a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


====New event====
【Snow Village’s election】

  • -You can trigger this event 3 days later after have asked Jorgen about the missing horse and helped Einar with the final organization before the election.
  • -Currently completing this event will let you be soft-locked and unable to leave, so please be prepared to save in advance.

【The wizard’s investigate】

  • -You can only trigger this one event on the 4th route ending of the Tribe war storyline where Selye can survives.
  • -After completing Red&Blue’s camp reconstruction event in lizard village (however you choose to finish it), this event can be triggered in the tavern.

===New scene====

  • -There is a 50% chance of triggering this new scene after losing to the gargoyle (the other 50% chance is the old scene)


  • A fabric will now be sold in Jørgen’s store, go find someone who can tailor will expand your potion bag.
  • -Now STR will provide 5 attack points per point (3→5)
  • -Now AGI will provide 2 attack points per point (1→2)
  • -Correspondingly adjusted the stat of some monsters.
  • -Added Rasmus and Kin’s theme music
  • -增加了v0.27的中文翻译。
  • -v0.27の日本語翻訳を追加しました

===Bug fixed====

  • Fixed the bug that Hakan’s initial session with Bread triggered infinitely.
  • Fixed the bug that the bomb quest will not be triggered if you choose to help Thane.
  • Fixed the bug that you can’t use incense to reset your stat points when you don’t have enough lv points
  • Fixed the bug that if you wear a loincloth when starting Kin’s yeti quest, the loincloth will disappear.
  • Fixed the bug that the price of life incense was not actually discounted even after passing the charm stat check
  • Fixed the bug that the paintings in the secret room could not be used in the 4th route even if you have enough emblems.



Click the indicated location in-game 5 times
Cheat code: multinipples

Game Images & Screenshots


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