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“Taffy Tales” tells the story of a regular guy who grapples with a split personality. Embark on his extraordinary journey through a small town where seemingly ordinary citizens conceal their darker sides. Get ready to meet a diverse cast of characters, along with their families and relationships. With an original storyline, an abundance of side quests, and captivating adult art, a thrilling experience awaits you!


  • Date:2/July/2023
  • Name: Taffy Tales
  • Version: 0.95.7
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son
  • Important tags: Gay(Optional), NTR(Avoidable)
  • Dev:UberPie
2/July/2023- First Upload, v0.95.7
  • Added/Continued 20+ storylines involving Mary, Becca, Tiffany, Chantelle, Darnell, Doya, Priscilla, Dr.Beatrix, Harry, Gerda, Violet, Taksh, Clara, Walter, Sara, Toy, Natalie, Cultist girl, Handler.
  • Added 1800+ pages of narrative with 220+ new full scenes.
  • 500+ unique images (including new unique backgrounds).
  • 15+ new items.
  • 6 new locations with unique background images.
  • Created 2 new backgrounds for the main menu with animation.
  • Reworked 25 background images (The Fox Club outside, The Fox’s Club bar, Bar, Old Bridge).
  • Added 3 new characters (Dr. Beatrix, Doya, Handler)
  • Added 50+ new mini-talks.
  • Added 100+ small scenes for items.
  • 12 awesome hot animations
  • Added new minigames.
  • Added many types and variations of choices in new scenes.
  • Added new items to discover.
  • Added new quests & tasks.
  • Added new text triggers for the scenes.
  • Reworked a LOT of character poses.
  • Reworked a LOT of character skins and skeletons.
  • Improved project optimization.
  • New amazing and unique dialogues in the new scenes of this update are made by Lostraven and Lookingforthis!


Old game, still ongoing.


Sandbox, plays like other grindy sandbox games in renpy.

  • Cheat code: dilder
  • Save: ocusar
  • Tiffany’s Box: 06310
  • Tiffany’s Computer: RedQueen
  • Beatrix’s Laptop: KittenSickSadism


Taffy Tales v0.95.7

Season 5

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Season 1 to 4

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Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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