Sisters hypnosis sex [Final] By POISON


POISON Games released a new game called Sisters hypnosis sex and the version is Final. The game’s story is about This is “heroines serving heroines” play, not SM & training type. In addition to the usual blow-job and titty-slapping, you can enjoy soap play and other forms of “obedience” play that can only be performed in a situation of absolute submission.​

Developer: POISON
File Size: 1.07 GB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:


The protagonist is a failed university student studying psychology. However, he accidentally discovers a way “to build an absolute hierarchy in the human brain using certain symbols.
to construct an absolute hierarchy in the human brain using certain symbols.

He “gains an advantage under the same conditions. The superiority lasts only for a few hours and then becomes absolute submission. This is like a game of kings, isn’t it? …… Yes, make cards with symbols and use Hmmm.”

The protagonist comes up with the idea of using these cards to strike back at his family members who have always abused him. He comes up with an idea.

He makes a card with the symbols …… and plays it against his family, who have always mistreated him.

He begins to take action to subvert his older sister, Ayaka, who has looked down on him since he was a child, and his bratty younger sister, Reika. The protagonist begins to take action to subvert Ayaka, the older sister who has looked down on him since childhood, and Reika, the brash younger sister. He dominates the rebellious sisters, and The hypnotic party begins now!

◆Sayaka Kuji
※Former name: Nonomiya

Height: 163cm
Three sizes: B116/W62/H9 7
Blood type: Type A
Likes: Power, prestige
Dislikes: Unable subordinates, younger brother

  • Sister who is separated from her husband. She used to be a model and now she is a designer.
  • She is a former model and is now a designer and runs her own brand. However, she always puts herself on top and looks down on others.
  • She is not well-liked by her peers and subordinates because she always puts herself on top and looks down on others. He is not well-liked by his peers and subordinates because of this and the fact that he secretly had a miscarriage.
  • and the fact that she secretly had a miscarriage, her husband and his family are not fond of her, and that is why she is back at home.
  • and that is why she has come back home.

◆Reika Nonomiya

Height: 158cm
Three sizes:B103/W58/H94
Blood type:B
Likes: money, meat, cool guys
Dislikes: hassle, older brother

  • A younger sister who has been swearing at her brother for a long time. She is basically OK with anything as long as it’s fun.
  • She is a very active slut when it comes to sex (she pretends to be one, but in reality she is a virgin with no experience).
  • virgin. However, she has experience with blow jobs and hand jobs). She attends a third-rate university near her parents’ home.
  • She is not a good student, but she is quick-witted and good at tricks. However, she has a simple personality that can easily get into her head.
  • simple personality, she is used as a test subject for a hypnosis card kit developed by her older brother.
  • hypnosis card kit developed by his older brother.

CV: Yuri Konami

※Japanese voice recording
※Male characters are not recorded

◆Game Specifications◆

・Novel game that can be read by clicking.
・Heroine full voice
・CG mode
・CG mode ・Scene recollection

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