Shagternate Reality [v0.2.0] By Piftee


Piftee Games released a new game called Shagternate Reality and the version is 0.2.0. The game’s story is about You found yourself in an alternate reality surrounded with all kinds of girls. Six of them currently, but more will come that’s for sure. They’re horny, because haven’t seen a man in a long time. How you get there, and why is your head is missing, is currently unknown. You can freely roam around, switch pose camera angles and talk with them. The game is still in early version, i need to improve it a lot.​

Developer: Piftee
File Size: 675 MB
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added a melee weapon and a pistol for the player.
  • Ammo, medkit, keys can be picked up.
  • Added unlocked and locked doors, ladder (the last one doesn’t have much purpose now, but will be in the update after this one).
  • “Enemies” will try to chase you down and use their weird succubus spell on you from a distance… (not final).
  • Checkpoints for the player to respawn after being defeated.
  • Added a light, quiet environment music and a lot of sound effects for fire, doors, enemies, player movements and weapons, etc
  • Removed 3 girls from 0.1.0. They had bad textures or body part issues (weird rotations) when it comes to animating them. It was painful sometimes to deal it with them to be honest and i’m amateur to fix them.
  • Added 2 new girls, Ava and Harley. They’re much better to “work” with. Currently 5 girls in the game: Seraphine (she has some problems but it’s managable for now, will see how it goes later on), Vaporeon, Jiro (hair sometimes…), Ava and Harley (she’s a cutie). Have no plan removing more for the update after this, but i want to add at least one more.
  • I’ll try to improve the adult animations in the update after this one, i’ve spent most of my available time to add gameplay/combat/interaction to the game.
  • Changed the environment to dark foggy, i think it looks much better with the point lights on the map. Removed the old trees , added new ones. More buildings added too.
  • Main menu has a new background picture, short music and moved the credits over there.
  • Added more options and keybinds to the in-game pause menu.

Initial release

Developer Notes:

The models aren’t made by me, i have a thank for these people in my game splash screen, and on my patreon.

Game Images & Screenshots


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