Sexbot: Blackjack [v0.4.1] By LlamaMann Games


LlamaMann Games released a new game called Sexbot: Blackjack and the version is 0.4.1. The game’s story is about Play Blackjack against 10 different opponents. Currently they each have one outfit set, but more will be added for holidays and special events. At the moment this is more of a demo than anything.​

Developer: LlamaMann
File Size: 442.0 MB
Version: 0.4.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Updated gui, music, mainmenu, splash screen and a bunch of other stuff to line up with the main game
  • Changed gamemode variable to persistent, so easy/normal mode preference will stay through saves
  • Added the option to switch the mainmenu theme between XXXmas, Halloween and Standard (go to preferences, and select)
  • Updated Jessica’s set 1 to her new model
  • Updated Daphne’s set 1 to her new model
  • Added Melvin to the gallery (to access, click MC in the gallery and turn ntr “ON”)
  • Added a bikini set for Ashley
  • Added an animated set for Meiko
  • Added an animated set for Melvin (with Ashley)

Developer Notes:

Hope you enjoy it, and please post feedback for me, as this is the first iteration of this game. Thanks! Llamamann

Game Images & Screenshots


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