Saint or Sinner [v0.66.6] By Paradox Game Studios


Paradox Game Studios Games released a new game called Saint or Sinner and the version is vv. The game’s story is about You die. But you get a second chance. Upon your return you meet two girls offering help – both pushing you to go out and meet a girl, both pulling in different directions. Sweet but dense angel, Eliana and Hot as hell and vicious devil Rubina.​

Developer: Paradox Game Studios
File Size: 401.0 MB
Version: 1.0 SE
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New Features:

  • Added double shift in work (when starting work in the morning there is possibility to chose double shift, to speed up money making)
  • Added support for ESC button to close Menu
  • Added fast forward to dialogues (pressing it will skip dialogue, to branching choice, or entirely if there is no branching path)
  • Added equipment to the game
  • Added mobile joystick support
  • Added changing window setup in options (fullscreen/widow)
  • Hiding text box
  • Added Chapter 2 main quest information
  • Added modal with information of obtaining a girlfriend
  • New popup animations
  • Autosave feature added
  • Added Gallery of waifus
  • New Events and scenes:
  • Jessica (new waifu)
  • Getting to know Jessica better
  • Including sex scenes, new apartment, new events
    Vicky (new waifu)
  • Continuing story with Vicky, we get to know her event better
  • Including sex scenes and additional events
  • Samantha (new waifu)
  • New lady who needs help, well sort of
  • New events and sex scenes
  • Anastasia (waifu already)
  • Continuing the story, how crazy can she be?
  • Including new events and more sex of course
  • The bar lady that is crazy one, we get to know her better
  • She has something to teach us
  • IT lady is looking for some stress relief (this one is unnecessary complicated)
  • First dialogue with Paula

Developer Notes:

We’re Paradox Games Studio, and we’re making “Saint or Sinner” – an adult visual novel with themes of heaven and hell, moral choices and waifus of various shapes and sizes. Increase your stats, meet new girls, get to know them, improve relations and score. 6 erotic animations, various scenes.

Game Images & Screenshots


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