Princess & Conquest [v0.20.07] By Towerfag


Towerfag Games released a new game called Princess & Conquest and the version is 0.20.06. The game’s story is about Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”! The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!

Developer: Towerfag
File Size: 1.12 GB
Version: 0.20.07
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


The Beach Date events have been added! Every Princess has now a new event around the Kingdom!
Possible locations are: Beach, Hammerhead Port, Jewel Trench, Lamia Oasi, Deep Merk, and Frozen Stick Village.
All in all, an enormous update here! Many additions and optimizations, I’m sure you’ll notice the game runs smoother now!

Additions and changes:

  • Beach Dates are now available around the Kingdom! From the 29th of June to the 13th of July with no ingame “Season” requirement!
  • Dates will be replayable ingame after 1 year
  • Added Beach Date for Kobold, Human, Slime, Golem, Insect, Skeleton, Desert, Ghost, Goblin, Moth, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Rabbit, Harvest, Wyvern, Finhead, Mermaid, Bird, and Oni Princess!
  • Cat PRINCE NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Moth PRINCE NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Added various costumes for Dragon Princesses and Progeny (swimsuits, bunny suits, maid outfits, prisoner rags)
  • Added 4 more Dialogue Boxes (Insect, Skeleton, Mermaid, Candy)
  • Increased stats for Princesses (roughly +2 on each stat per level), to get them at least on par with Progeny
  • Beach Date Achievement added
  • General optimizations


  • Fixed Flow travels causing terrain damage
  • Fixed buggy Shade Kobold Princess dialogues
  • Fixed buggy Overall costumes (Wyvern, Larva, Shark)
  • Fixed drowning anywhere around the Sea world map moving the player back to the Beach
  • Fixed refusing to join DPI’s route also stopping the Knight from entering her lair during Dog’s route
  • Fixed REMIX Mode enabling medals/achievements even after using Cheats
  • Fixed NPCs possibly spawning over the Guild’s booth in the Beach
  • Fixed poison effect remaining after slimes’ boss fight
  • Fixed Harvest Princess never being shown in her pregnant form
  • Fixed Pause/Save menu sometimes being disabled after entering the Campsite
  • Optimized Hammerhead Port events
  • Fixed unplayable Cat Prince animation in Babs Gallery
  • Fixed bandits remaining around after a Reign’s defeat
  • Fixed bandits not awarding Affinity when defeated (except for Harvest)
  • Fixed terrain damages not being canceled on some occasions
  • Fixed Desert Princess’ Djinn form expressions
  • Fixed battle HUD staying on screen after being caught during the rescue quest in Bird Princess’ events
  • Fixed Cathedral Save Crystal crashing the game if used a couple of times
  • Fixed “My Dear Love” Quest not awarding Oni Bunnysuit
  • Fixed possible crashes when loading a save file right before the Slimes’ Boss
  • Fixed crashes when entering the Scarecrow Fields at night
  • Fixed crashes when delivering Celery Root to Dragon Princess II
  • Dragon Princess II assaults not suspending the Pause Menu
  • Dragon Princess II assaults not progressing the game to a new day
  • Mailee NPC not getting her Skill (Cheerful) when recruited
  • Fixed Gadget NPC returning outside Harvest’s house after being recruited
  • Fixed possible buggy REMIX Mode starts
  • Fixed minor bugs and typos


Additions and changes:

  • New Sphinx Princess NSFW scene added
  • Borea NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Borea, the Yuki-Onna, has been added as DLC character
  • “Frost Spirit” Skill added
  • Wyvern Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  • Added 4 more Dialogue Boxes (Dusk, Bird, Slime, Knight)
  • Added (C)hoose (Y)our (O)wn (P)rogeny NPC! Asha can be found around ???
  • New Skill added: Immortal Egg
  • New Skill trainer added: Rei
  • New Skill added: Ugly Duckling
  • Added new icon: Holy Flail
  • Added new icon: Spooky Candy
  • Added new sprites: Porgy Human Princess, Hornet Insect Princess, Living Golem Princess
  • Reworked the merchant Lina, you can now forge Princess Panties into cosplay Costumes
  • New item added: “Pristine Shell”
  • 3 new “Shell” Costumes added (Slime, Finhead and Mermaid)! Forge them at Lina’s!
  • New Cheat added: “Revert”. Princesses will go back to their starting form.
  • Golems’ swimsuit “Big Daddy Suit” now grants Swim
  • Reworked Bird Princess’ voice
  • Added swimsuits for Wyvern/Finhead/Mermaid Princess and Progeny
  • Reduced enemy Def/M.Def increase with every NG+ (+20% -> +10%)
  • Increased enemy Agi increase with every NG+ (+20% -> +40%)
  • Reworked “Toxic” Skill and terrain damages
  • Terrains and the Toxic/Scorch/Frostbite affliction now only affect the party’s leader
  • “Blood Iron” now has a new icon and picture to differentiate it from “Iron” while forging
  • Toxic/Scorch/Frostbite afflictions now have no effect in Tavern or Campsite. You’re safe there!
  • Completely reworked and fixed issues with Red Thread Rings mechanics


  • Fixed crashes at the beginning of the Gravelord boss fight
  • Slightly nerfed the Gravelord boss
  • Fixed Harvest Princess being unable to get pregnant
  • Fixed crashes when trying to recruit the kobold NPC Mallow
  • Fixed possible issues on new day calculations
  • Fixed Dog Princess being shown around her tower when she’s not supposed to
  • Fixed issues and crashes in Onyxxx dialogues after the first one
  • Fixed Amelie dialogues in Faun’s Tavern
  • Fixed crashes when selecting an empty Party slot during Mary-Annette dialogues
  • Fixed SUCC Finhead Princess broken sprite upon transformation
  • Fixed possible issues after Eldritch Princess encounter
  • Fixed missing Selkie Harp icon
  • Fixed “Drowning” State and damages
  • Fixed some possible crashes during New Day calculations
  • Fixed multiple Princess’ deliveries freezing the game during New Day calculations
  • Fixed Dragon Princess I possibly choosing to raid the Ghost Reign when the Princess is still asleep
  • Fixed the inability to switch characters outside the Diamond Seashell
  • Fixed missing Oni Princess and warriors during Dragon Princess I’s ending
  • Fixed the Knight ending up inside the wall when opening Rabbit Princess’ door during sneaky events (gamepad only)
  • Fixed some of the “defeat” events that do not result in a Game Over
  • Fixed THICC lamia NPCs portraits
  • Fixed Faun Princess’ first NSFW scene not triggering new day calculations
  • Fixed Toxic/Scorch/Frostbite not working as intended
  • Fixed some issues with Shade Bird Princess in menus
  • Fixed the merchant Bobba not changing the party’s Swirlies after shopping
  • Fixed the Knight ending up in the river when crossing the riverbank South of Skeleton Princess’ Reign (gamepad only)
  • Fixed recruits not getting the Bartender costumes upon recruitment if they wore it while around the Kingdom
  • Fixed Bone Throw ability possibly lowering HP to 0
  • Fixed Bone Throw cooldown getting close to 0 with high Agility
  • Fixed Scarecrow Princess’ sprite getting replaced while she’s ruling the Harvest Reign
  • Fixed possibly getting stuck during the fight against the Narag-Turg
  • Fixed buggy Yandere assault on Bird Princess by Dog Princess
  • Fixed wonky Rabbit Princess’ swimsuit portraits
  • Fixed bugs during and after Harvest Princess eloping events
  • Fixed Human Princess still in Party after leaving the campsite in her 3rd event
  • Fixed bugs during the Human Princess/Goblin Bandits fight
  • Fixed Shade Princesses’ portrait position during dialogues
  • Fixed minor bugs and typos


Additions and changes:

  • Added “Dialogue Box” customizing options in the System Menu!
  • New dialogue/menu window (recolor it at will in the System options)
  • Guild Clerk NSFW scene added
  • Pruszka NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Pruszka, the Zmeu, has been added as DLC character
  • “Draconian” Skill added
  • New sprites added for Drusy, Dur, Keaton and Wyvern Princess SUCC form
  • Tweaked NPC roaming timer
  • Heirs are now shown in the Kingdom Status menu
  • Updated Kingdom Status menu with the Reign banners
  • Added (C)hoose (Y)our (O)wn (P)rogeny NPC! Onyxxx can be found around Oni Crater!
  • Succubi are now shown as capable of flight in the Level Up menu (they can only at night though)
  • Updated some dialogues for Slime and Goblin Princess


  • Fixed black screen before Kingdom Lewdness game over
  • Fixed Wendigo Princess animations being stuck in her Wendigo form
  • Fixed buggy sieges, conquered reigns being conquered again by a ne
  • Fixed Drusy Crown killing the Knight as his HPs reach 0
  • Fixed buggy underwater rare drops (Plumed Terror/Spooky Ribs/Slime Grinder dropped in place of the Moist/Imbued/Soaked bands)
  • Fixed Chonger monsters being around during Spika scene with the two mermaid sisters
  • Fixed Amelie buggy overworld dialogues
  • Fixed bugs happening when redeeming Princesses from the Stone Knife
  • Fixed black screen / freezes on New Day calculations
  • Fixed debug message displayed for Golem Progeny
  • Fixed Scavenger Hunt beach event memory load issues
  • Fixed buggy Progeny when delivered in a full party, on some occasions
  • Fixed Oni and Bird Princess hardly getting pregnant after sexy events at the Campsite
  • Fixed Oni failing to deliver Heir if pregnant and still on her throne
  • Fixed crashes while loading some Golem Progeny
  • Fixed crashes while loading the game after saving at one of the Crystals, if there’s loot around the room
  • Fixed misplaced expressions for Salizzie in her Battlesuit
  • Fixed some soldiers wearing the Regalia rather than the Battlesuit, if the Princesses are using their randomized looks
  • Fixed some NPCs spawning in unreachable spots of the Clocktown
  • Fixed Oni Prince missing his portraits
  • Fixed Insect and Ghost being considered “fallen” when that’s not the case
  • Fixed Eldritch event happening during Skeleton’s Route final phase
  • Fixed some buggy HUD elements
  • Fixed Amelie / Salizzie skill crashing the game if hit by projectiles during their “dash”
  • Fixed Achievements hanging the game if assigned during New Day calculations
  • Fixed bugs happening when redeeming Princesses from the Stone Knife
  • Fixed black screen / freezes on New Day calculations
  • Fixed debug message displayed for Golem Progeny
  • Fixed Scavenger Hunt beach event memory load issues
  • Fixed buggy Progeny when delivered in a full party, on some occasions
  • Fixed Insect and Ghost being considered “fallen” when that’s not the case (again!)
  • Fixed Chonger monsters being around during the Spika scene with the two mermaid sisters
  • Fixed Amelie’s buggy overworld dialogues
  • Fixed NPCs roaming timer getting exponentially slower as the player increases the Day Length from the System Menu
  • Fixed Eldritch Princess’ event bugs
  • Fixed Gaita’s Skill being repeatable
  • Fixed Wyvern Princess possibly getting stuck after the first fight against her
  • Fixed Dragon Princess II possibly appearing while dialogues are being shown
  • Fixed Progeny in Party sometimes being still around Faun’s Tavern, and invisible
  • Female Harvest Princess not showing most costumes
  • Fixed crashes when defeating enemies using certain special abilities (Crystal Princess’ Explosion, damaging Fears…)
  • Fixed crashes when Miss Gaita or a Progeny with the “Charge!” Skill gets damaged, while not wearing anything in the Chest or Accessory slot
  • Fixed the “Intimidate” skill not showing its card in the Level Up Menu
  • Fixed the “Intimidate” skill lowering enemy damage to 0 on some occasions
  • Fixed bugs happening during repeated tries of the “Milky Way” quest
  • Fixed Succubi buggy flight at dawn
  • Fixed crashes when a “Festive Crystal” NPC asks to trade gifts
  • Fixed new day crashes with the DLC NPC Pruszka in the Progeny Box
  • Fixed other minor bugs and typos

Game Images & Screenshots

Install as directed under “Installation” section


Peach Bounce (Minigame)

Pervert’s Dash (Minigame)

Bab’s Potion Shop (Minigame)

Somniphobia (Minigame)

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