Outland Wanderer [v0.0.18] By Outland Wanderer


Outland Wanderer Games released a new game called Outland Wanderer and the version is 0.0.18. The game’s story is about the Player an outsider stumbling upon the continent of Mokken. In his attempt to travel back to his own Tribe, he bonds and form a different relationship with the locals, tackles unknown forces, and discovers his own destiny.​

Developer: Outland Wanderer
File Size: 578.6 MB
Version: 0.0.18
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


New Content:

  • New Card Game can be played in The Nocturnal Trunk tavern, against 3 regulars. Detailed Rules are provided in-game.
  • Gwyddyon’s Shop is now filled with various shop items, including weapons, and a new spellbook – Tranquil Mend
  • Pirkka can now be visited in the Tavern after his introduction quest.

New Trinket:

  • Eversprout: A young herb spirit that grants you extra health by each round, but your initial health is lowered.

New System:

  • Potion Upgrade: Use the Cauldron in Ardent Cauldron in the Goat Tribe to upgrade your regular potions.

New CG:

  • Lost to Regulars: Noticing your reputation in the tavern, the other card players decide to take advantages and show everyone of your recent loss.

Adjustments and QoL Changes:

  • Additional Dialogues regarding Shop Items for Sebas and Gwyddyon’s Shop.
  • Button sound Effect is added to different parts of the screens.
  • Music for Ardent Cauldron, the Bandit and the Bard are added to the game. Credit to Will o Wisp again.
  • Basic UI and some Fonts are updated, hovering item in the inventory is now functional.
  • Gold counter and Clock is added/updated in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Revamped major codes in the game to support more flexible coding later on in the development, there might still be bugs yet to be found.
  • Max Level now raised to level 18.

New Debugging Screen:

  • Players unable to report to Uffe regarding the quest “Wisest of the Pack” can access the debug screen in the bedroom.
  • Players with unusually low stats can go to the bedroom too.

Typo and Bug Fixes:

  • If you’re upgrading from v0.0.14 or v0.0.15, you may encounter some errors regarding quest progresses. All problematic after-load fixes are removed from the game and it should work fine now.
  • Fixed the error regarding interacting with the storage with spamming items.
  • Fixed the error with interaction regarding Fiery Charge.
  • Fixed missing content regarding Kari and Furkan.
  • Added exits to bandit’s hideout
  • You can now deposit or withdraw gold in the storage.
  • New button in Storage and Shop Screen where you can toggle selling/buying or moving items in bulk.


QoL Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • Updated Game Icon, Added Android Game Icon to the Game
  • Altered the Lore behind MC’s story and Goat Tribe
  • Fixed Crash when returning from Map in Haskell’s Hut
  • Revamped Shop Code to fix game freeze when buying/selling 2 non-material items
  • Player’s STR effect on damage lowered; damage increased by each level raised.
  • Probability to encounter Traps will now be reduced by a higher amount of Agility.
  • Player’s Dungeons Sprite will now properly animate when moved.
  • All abilities now have cooldowns, ability descriptions updated.
  • Adjusted Strength’s effect in Tavern Disk Minigame. (v0.0.15c).
  • Fixed Arthur’s name in the Amble’s Stunning Scene

Developer Notes:

What’s the Direction of this game?

– NSFW CG Scenes:
A focus on delivering different NSFW CG scenes in different scenarios, including the consequences of battles, or progression with a character. Scenes involving more kinks will include a warning beforehand.

– Quest Log
A Branching storyline where every choices, every quests you take on, will have a wider consequences in the future. Quests are given by the characters and have different variety in terms of content.

– RPG Battle System
A Traditional RPG battle system involving the main five stats (STR, INT, TEN, CHA, AGI), a turn-based battle between different kinds of enemies, which requires using different strategies, and abilities, some foes might have an interest in you after battle…

– Inventory/Equipment/Crafting/Shop
A basic inventory system where items are collected, bought or crafted from scratch, equipment to put on to customise your appearance. Potions and food can be consumed as well.

– Dungeon Exploration
Explore dungeons around the map, solves different puzzles, defeat different monsters and complete unique quests within the dungeon! Dungeon controls involves WASD or Arrow Key movement, or on-screen button.

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