Nomadic Journey [Prologue] By Disguised Dino


Disguised Dino Games released a new game called Nomadic Journey and the version is Prologue. The game’s story is about In “Nomadic Journey,” follow the life of James Macsen, a determined man who achieves his dream of becoming a millionaire through hard work. Now the proud owner of his own successful company, James yearns for a break from his responsibilities, embarking on a nomadic lifestyle. As he travels the world, seeking thrilling adventures and meaningful connections, James discovers that true wealth lies not only in material riches but also in the experiences and relationships he cultivates.​

Developer: Disguised Dino
File Size: 344.7 MB
Version: Prologue
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Hope you guys enjoy it, this is just a demonstration, the next chapters will be much bigger than this one. Each chapter will have an unique storyline depending on the country the character visits (If you are a tier 3 patreon you can vote for the next country), with an ongoing main storyline with recurrent characters.

Game Images & Screenshots


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