Lust Odyssey [v0.18] By Xperiment


Xperiment Games released a new game called Lust Odyssey and the version is 0.18. The game’s story is about You waking up in a spacecraft, alone and naked. And what’s worse, with no memories. You’ll have to advance through the story to discover who you are as you uncover conspiracies, discover new races, or make difficult decisions. But you will find that the truth about you is not as obvious as it seems. The end of this game is already thought, but everything in between is yet to be seen, will you join me in this adventure so we can shape it?

Developer: Xperiment
File Size: 337.2 MB
Version: 0.18
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:




New interactive CG with Rylan. 
After your date with Rylan, if you are his Master, no matter if top or bottom, you can tie him to your bed and play with him. For this, you will need the red rope sold at the Sex Shop. Optional items you can buy to play with him: “Horse Dildo”, “Butt Plug”, “Blindfold”, “Ball Gag”, “Chastity Cage”, “Whip”, “Cumtastic Pill” and “Fluxtamine”. This last one is used to feed him, essential to keep him tied up for several days. Additionally, if you took his underwear you can also use it as a gag, and even combine it with the “Ball Gag”. After playing with Rylan, 3 CG’s will be unlocked in the gallery.

Serve your master. It appears when you talk to Rylan in his room being a slave. You need the red rope sold in the Sex Shop to proceed with this scene. Additionally, the following optional items are also used: “Ball Gag”, “Butt Plug”, “Blindfold”, “Dog Bowl”, “Dog bed”, “Horse Dildo”, “Massage Oil”, “Whip” and “Cumtastic Pill”. If you disobey him, even once, he will punish you at the end of the scene. A punishment will be randomly selected from 6 available, one of them being to put a chastity device on you. If all your kinks are deactivated or you don’t buy more optional items you will always get the same punishment. The kinks needed to activate all punishments are Pissing, Cum Playing, and Chastity.

Rylan > Get Closer. New short interactions if you have a romantic relationship.

Riordan: Landing in Sithyrya now activates a dialog with Rylan to go meet his brother. After that, a new option will appear in Kavhar to go back and talk to him. There is a one in three chance that Rylan is also at his brother’s house. If Rylan is not there, we will have an additional conversation that is important to resolve before it is time to kill the Warlord. If we also have a relationship with Rylan there will be another extra conversation.

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