Hex [v0.0.4-Alpha] By Outsider Artisan


Outsider Artisan Games released a new game called Hex and the version is 0.0.4-Alpha. The game’s story is about In Hex you play as a lowly succubus who manages to possess the body of a powerful mage. However, the body’s former soul still clings to the vessel, threatening to bend the succubus to her will instead. But things aren’t exactly as they seem, and the two souls will be forced to make the most of their unwitting partnership if they are to survive. Oh, and thanks to being a succubus you have to fuck to regenerate MP! Hex is a sandbox game presented as a visual novel where you can perform prostitution, proposition (or cast spells on) NPCs, go streaking, get covered in cum, and engage in combat with a variety of spells and abilities using a unique turn-based battle system.​

Developer: Outsider Artisan
File Size: 641.9 MB
Version: 0.0.4-Alpha
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Free edition demo release.

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Wiki – Play Online

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