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Novus Games released a new game called Haven’s Port and the version is Build 19. The game’s story is about You would never have thought, in your wildest dreams, that being attacked by pirates was something you would be deleteriously happy about. Of course, you never would have expected to end up in the hold of a slaver’s galley, after a long chain of events you still can’t quite wrap your mind around. You hadn’t thought your luck could be so bad.

Of course…maybe it wasn’t. For the Pirates of Haven’s Port have come to your rescue. Which, would be an absurd statement if it was any other group of pirates involved. But the Pirates of Haven’s Port aren’t actually pirates, so much as they are exiles. Dedicated to a Patron Spirit of Love, Lust, and Freedom, The Order of the Wild Rose was once among the most populous and popular orders in the Old World, beloved for being healers and blessers of harvests. But that was before the Outsiders came. The first war with the Outsiders forced the goodly races of the world to turn to other, more war-like, patron entities. But those patrons were ones of Law and Order, who’s Patron Spirits didn’t tolerate the chaotic freedom of the Order of the Wild Rose.

In the end, after nearly two centuries of decline, The Order of the Wild Rose was reduced in driven into exile, the adventurers who had been it’s most common followers creating the Freeport of Haven…and founding the Pirates of Haven’s Port, who raided Imperial shipping. Particularly Slave Galleys, which support an institution that their Patron Spirit loathes.

Recused by this unlikely band of spiritual brothers and exiled misfits… how will you adapt to the wild, licentious habits of the islands under their domain? Will you embrace their ways or remain above it all? Will you seek to become a Pirate? An Arena Champion? A Brothel Order? Or even a simply Merchant Power. The choice is yours…

Developer: Novus
File Size: 897.0 MB
Version: Build 20
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Build 19 Release Notes:

Build 19 focused on the expansion of Rose Garden, the faction Island for the Order of the Rose. It added the first of three Patron Spirits for the island, an additional date for Akari, and 14 new general scenes, including some Futa support for various locations on Rose Garden. There are at total of 18 new scenes. Some of the highlights are:

  • 2 Challenges for the Patron Spirit Merixa
  • 1 New Date for Akari
  • 4 General Futa scenes
  • 2 New Activities at the Theater
  • New scenes for both the Acolytes’ Hall and the Center for Advanced Pleasure
  • A new area (The Tea Shop. Not a lot there yet)

Build 18 Release Notes

Build 18 focuses entirely on introducing Rose Garden, the Faction-Specific island for The Order of the Rose faction. As such, note that you’ll need to be an Acolyte of the said Order before you’re allowed access to the island! Introduced are three new areas, as well as the new datable character Akari!

New Area: The Theater: Home to both a play…and a very unique Orchestra suitable for the Haven Isles ;-). Attend both…and even train to be a member of that Orchestra, if it interests you! Seriously, the Orchestra may be the single most unique thing in any of my games so far. So, check it out!

New Area: The Acolytes Hall: A place for members of The Order of the Rose to hang out among the own, without the expectations people have of such individuals in public! It has it’s own Hot Spring as well as a small meeting hall…

New Area: The Center for Advanced Pleasure: Whereas the isle of Jerta may be all about free love and free use…Rose Garden wants to study ever more intricate forms of pleasure. Pursuit of ever more interesting or refined sexual experiences is a common belief on Rose Garden. And, at the Center for Advanced Pleasure, you can experience some of the more advanced/extreme forms of play they’ve come up with so far!

New Dateable Character: Akari is a fellow Acolyte who cab be found hanging out in the Acolytes Hall. She has a bit of sadness lingering to her…you wonder why? And if you can cheer her up! Akari currently only had two of her dates active, but will be getting the full usual complement that similar Lover npcs do!

Meanwhile, the newly public Build 17 was one of the largest Builds I’ve ever made, fleshing out the Isle of Jerta with 126 renders spread over 17 scenes. Which, if you do the math there, makes some of those scenes quite long ;-). In part, that’s because Build 17 introduced the beginning points for some of the End Game content. Quest chains where you can meet two of the six Patron Spirits of the Haven Isles. Check out the Release Notes in its Release Post for more details on what Build 17 included!

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