Guild of Spicy Adventures [v0.44] By Hikkeiru


Hikkeiru Games released a new game called Guild of Spicy Adventures and the version is 0.44. The game’s story is about An unfavorable situation that can turn into an unexpected journey. Given the opportunity by an attractive fox girl, you will be required to create a guild to face awaiting challenges. With your hard sword and beautiful companions, you can pull out of any danger. Join the adventure to enjoy the harem and humor that you will encounter along the way.​

Developer: Hikkeiru
File Size: 623.3 MB
Version: 0.44
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


v0.46 Continuation of the story!
Mara hears your conversation with Emi. What does she have to say about it?

Mara’s dialogue structure.
Similar to previous updates. Open ended conversation style dialogue.For every suggestion how to improve the game. Thank you. ❤
Choices marking end of dialogue have an icon associated with the choice.Unity build pc to il2cpp.Text writing speed increased.Correct order or background. Sometimes when animated background took too much time to load. The next sprite background took it’s place, making the animation play after the sprite.Background state restoration now has a blink transition. Eliminates some situations where incorrect sprites overlay for a second in incorrect place. Also the save feel faster.Removed opening of the patreon page on the end screen. Thanks ****MrJay @Vladilen @Iwillbityoutomorrow @Bob Jared @EpicHentaiGamer69**Setting to disable mouse trail. Thanks ****Xaky @triffids**Setting to change dialogue font. Thanks ****Xaky**Setting to change dialogue font size. Thanks @_tewi ****Xaky**Disabling dialogue keys in start of the UI panels animation instead of ending. Thanks @Neechan-LexiAllowing resizable window. Thanks ****triffids @molitar**Allowing clicking outside the dialogue box to continue. Thanks ****EstrangeNS @Kizuna___**Also added numpad enter to continue dialogue buttons. Thanks @EstrangeNSText writer timer has been stopped when losing object.Choice screen now blocking input on animation start instead of exit.Card details animation silent error fix.Speaker changed command silent error fix.Can now change color and opacity of dialogue box.Can now align text for preference.History chat refreshes on entered instead of end of animation.Adding Enter as a continue shortcut.Main menu entry optimization.Skip button changes. Thanks ****Xaky @Stupidkiller**
The skip supports held and toggle state. Held state skips manually with history states.Choices appear on end of skip and without extra click.Ability to set text writing method Instant / typewriter. Thanks @AMereShadowWhen save slot UI has no preview the image is set to none. Prevents using cached texture.Button to open save folder has been added.Thanks for proofreading. Ryleona @FoxOfEmbersSmall character render UI clean after Emilly return with guild registered story.Locking fps at 30 for phones.Bottom buttons rearranged for better mobile use experience. Thanks @Kizuna___Animations fix on linux platform. Transcoding all win/lin to VP8. Thanks @FoxOfEmbersAllowing run in background on windows, linux, mac. Thanks ****FoxOfEmbers @Kizuna___**

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v0.42 Continuation of the story!
You can visit the union again for more!Thanks for proofreading RyleonaNew unity editor LTS was released. Updating to this version.

Developer Notes:

The game was built with a custom Unity framework made from scratch. I don’t use renpy. This allows me to do special visual effects, more customizable controls and different mechanics that wouldn’t be possible with a renpy like engine. I’m also a fan of CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) which basically allows me to put updates up as soon as they are developed. With half of the plan for this done, I have already cut the time from ~2 hours per update to ~30 minutes.

Story Due to your horny personality at work you are forced to retire. Being tired of how unfair the situation was, you only wish to commit sudoku. Attractive fox girl saves you and offers you a job that you cannot refuse. You will need to face many challenges, ultimately creating a guild to defeat them. Anticipating of what awaits, you take a chance at this venture.

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