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Rafster Games released a new game called Grizzly Grove and the version is 0.23c. The game’s story is about where everything can happen. From ridiculous and over-the-top plots, cringy lines and bad english, to maybe find your true love? we’ll see. You take the role of a 27 years old young man, named as Ryan McBright (name can be customized), who returns to his hometown, Grizzly Grove, a big Coastal city, after a 10 years abscense. 10 years ago you left your family’s house to live with your uncle after a very strong argument with your mother. You lived with him the last 10 years, finishing high school and then working for his business. And you could have your life apart from this city forever….

But you are not the type of guy that runs away. Eventually, you make the decision to come back, and with the help of your uncle, you rent an apartment on Grizzly and try to make your life here. Will you succeed? or will you return to your uncle’s house with your tail between your legs? it’s all up to you.

Developer: Rafster
File Size: 308.2 MB
Version: 0.23c
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

V 0.23c 06/14/2023

Ursus Inc. Sex Worker Storyline (Part1) Hotfix c
This is the Third hotfix for the 0.23 version, with a nasty bug corrected for the slut errrr… Sex Worker profession.
Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected a game stopping bug happening when the interview with Elric Adams at Ursus failed. After it failed, the player is supposed to ask Mack (At Marc-Us) the next day about a new chance. The option was there, but nothing happens once you click. It’s corrected now, now Mack will give you another date for an interview with Elric at Ursus

V 0.23a 05/09/2023
Ursus Inc. Sex Worker Storyline (Part1) Hotfix a

This is the first hotfix for the 0.23 version, adding a couple of features and correcting some bugs for the slut errrr… Sex Worker profession.


  • Updated the list of the Patreons (including cave visitor tier and the new patreons) on the Main screen. Thank you for your support, guys.
  • Modified the Advance Time screen. Now you can advance 5,10,20,30,40,50 minutes
  • Modified some under-the-hood functionality to allow adding new scenes and content on hotfix updates (like this one), now receiving new content won’t be limited to the big updates anymore.
  • Added a fourth outside task: Walk in the park. On it, you’ll meet your client, Brett, in the park. But it will be anything except a relaxed walk in the park.

Bug Fixes:

  • In the fight against Duke, now the round counter will decrease


V 0.21a 10/21/2022

prison bear (hotfix a)

Here is a quick hotfix to solve some bugs in the game. The cheat password is the same as 0.21 version.


  • Updated the list of the Patreons (including cave visitor tier and the new patreons) at the Main screen. Thank you for your support, guys.
  • Raised the chance of random events at the map. From 30% to 40%.
  • Adjusted some dialogs at John’s scene. Most dialogue lines were too sub aligned, so for dom players I did new lines of dialogue more tuned for a dom player (the old dialogue lines remains the same for neutral and sub players). Both for the first time event, and the repeatable version.

Developer Notes:

Time to talk about the kinks, fetishes and everything included in the game. Kink wise, everything besides Anal/Oral/Humiliation/Gay content is optional. Before each sex scene, you can activate/de-activate the parts you don’t want to see. Let’s say that in an scene you have Oral Top/Anal Bottom/Watersports , but you don’t want Watersports or Anal. You can simply de-select them, and they won’t show at all. Hell, besides certain sex scenes on the story, most sex scenes can be skipped completely if you don’t want to see them.

There are certain sex encounters forced by story, but even then you can choose to not see the media regarding certain kink you don’t want and even the text will be blurry on those. The idea is to make the game enjoyable even for the folks who are not into the sick kinks I’m into.

Now let’s go into each tag/kink, and explain how much is in the game:

  1. GAY: This a gay focused game, with a gay MC. So yeah, not avoidable.
  2. DILF: One of my main fetishes. The game is full of bear/daddy/bara type guys. There are some twinks too, but it’s not the main focus.
  3. ANAL SEX: Top/Bottom. Not avoidable in some scenes
  4. ORAL SEX: Top/Bottom. Not avoidable in some scenes
  5. PROSTITUTION: The first job at JCS have protitutiom implied on it
  6. HUMILIATION: Yeah, there are a lot of humiliation scenes
  7. BDSM: Big kink I’m into, probably the scenes I enjoyed writing the most were these. Under BDSM, you can find some of these fetishes in the game as part of the scenes: Electro stimulation, whipping, bondage, leather, caning, breath control (underwater), wax play, clothespin play, waterboarding, Foot fisting and Feet worship.
  8. MALE DOMINATION: This is a gay game with BDSM. It’s logical
  9. URINATION: A few scenes contain it. It’s avoidable
  10. FOOTJOB: Only one scene contains it, for now. In future updates I may include a scene dedicated to it. But there is not too much content here
  11. CHEATING: Yeah, the subject comes on certain parts of the game.
  12. SEX TOYS: They appear as part of sex scenes, mostly dildos, whips, etc…
  13. MULTIPLE PENETRATION,: One or two secenes, but I may include more in the future
  14. VAGINAL SEX: Here comes, why the fuck is this tag on a gay game? because the next tag. True, you don’t have sex with a woman BUT you can have sex with a trans men. Yeah, with his pussy.
  15. FUTA/TRANS: During the game, you can meet a trans character, a trans men (FtM) and you can have sex with him. No futas, or trans women (MtF) in the game.
  16. GROUP SEX: There are some scenes with +3,4 or even more people. So yeah, this tag is deserved
  17. SEXUAL HARASSMENT: There is one section in the game where the MC is harassed sexually. So yeah, the tag applies
  18. SISSIFICATION: I don’t like sissification, at all BUT there is ONE scene featuring it, and is the MC sissifying someone else. Not the other way around. The MC on this game will never be sissified (but he can be hulmiliated in worse way… the humiliation tag is for something)
  19. HANDJOB: Ono or two scenes
  20. INTERRACIAL: Six scenes, but I plan to add more
  21. MASTURBATION: Really? there is a lot of it
  22. CREAMPIE: Yeah, happens in some scenes. Not avoidable (yet until I implement the condom system)

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