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FurinaDeveloper Games released a new game called Farina and the version is 0.4a. The game’s story is about is a scatterbrained dickgirl with an exhibitionism fetish, who has a tendency to end up naked, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not. Join her on an adventure filled with nudity, inappropriate boners, and a lot of ENF (Embarrassed Nude Futa).​

Developer: FurinaDeveloper
File Size: 455.0 MB
Version: 0.4a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • over 150 renders
  • sleep over event


  • over 300 renders
  • lots of fun

Developer Notes:

  • stand-alone halloween special
  • reworked the swimming1, reworked rooftop1, expanded shop1, added shop3, reworked gym1, added gym2, removed school3, removed exposure2, some minor reworks, vote for Senator Armstrong
  • v0.2b 2 school events, 1 date with Sarah, 1 exposure event and 1 shopping event
  • v0.2a contains 1 swim team event, 1 school event, 1 schoolrooftop event and 1 date with steve
  • v0.1b contains the first 2 day with 7 sexy events
  • The Demo is a quick look into one of future chapters of the planned game

Game Images & Screenshots

Just start a new game if your save is broken

Main Game

Halloween Special:

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