Flower Princess Elulu – Molestation Train [v2.43] By Iwashiya


Iwashiya Games released a new game called Flower Princess Elulu – Molestation Train and the version is 2.43. The game’s story is about The flower princess Elulu, pure and innocent, gets molested on the train by a pervert and falls to become a lewd female! An R18 RPG Style Battle SLG where a magic-looking girl gets groped, molested, and humiliated! Lots of humiliations and embarrassing themes. The retro 80’s looking girl gets touched on the train, and while confused and worried, as the actions escalate she begins to raise her voice when she realizes the reality of the situation. Unable to cope with her current state, she will cry out with tears in her eyes.​

Developer: Iwashiya
File Size: 186.5 MB
Version: 2.43
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 4/30 18:16 postscript →ver2.41
  • Fixed the “✿Forcing Elulu to cum” event.
  • Added an event the day after the “✿Forcing Elulu to cum” event.
  • 4/ 1 1:39 postscript →ver2.40
  • Implemented the option “✿Forcing Elulu to cum” for the first climax event in the office area.
  • Fixed mosaic for cut-in of front eroticism in the image from below.
  • Fixed the animation of the buttocks in the image from below.

Game Images & Screenshots


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