Endara Chronicles: The Apothecary [0.6 PE] By Soniram


Soniram Games released a new game called Endara Chronicles: The Apothecary and the version is 0.6 PE. The game’s story is about A young man is given the land and business of his aunt — being the apothecary along the road between his home, and the city off in the distance. With little knowledge of the craft, he must learn to help those in need while also enjoying the lack of other men due to the militaristic city.

Developer: Soniram
File Size: 1.66 GB
Version: 0.6 PE
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 31 new story and thread scenes.
  • Yanwei added to Horace’s trade menu with two sandbox interactions.
  • New sandbox option for Katira/Goblin if you have a greater withstand.
  • 1680 new images.
  • 75 new animations.
  • New inventory design.
  • New map design.
  • Options added to the Preferences screen, including:
  • Being able to toggle the “easy” hints on/off at will.
  • Being able to toggle map names on/off at will.


  • 6-8 new story scenes, depending on what path you’re taking.
  • 19 new NSFW sandbox events spread over six different characters.
  • Various bug fixes, typo fixes, and gameplay adjustments.


  • (Note: Subject to change)
  • ** 45 new story and character scenes — totaling 103 for the entire game.
  • ** 5 new characters (4 of which have potential “content”).
  • ** Roughly 2500 new images.
  • ** 60 new animations.
  • ** New journal design with more information and better organization.
  • ** Addition of many more music tracks and sound effects for a hopefully better experience.
  • ** Expanded story threads for the “main line”.
  • ** Began the gradual replacement of earlier images/backgrounds.
  • ** Overhaul to the gardening system, including no limits on plots and more actions per day in
  • the garden. Also able to work on the garden morning, midday, and evening.
  • ** Added more leveling advancements for trading and a couple to gardening.
  • ** Expanded making potions into the mornings.
  • ** Updated some previous versions backgrounds and images to look better.
  • ** Added Help section for explanation of some stats and terms.
  • * Fixed a possible unending loop for players who spent silver before getting the needed supplies from Horace to allow her trade menu to open up.
  • … first beta build of 0.4 tops out at 1.1 GB, up from around 470 MB previously.

Developer Notes:

As this is my first attempt at putting together a full visual novel/game, a lot of early decisions, especially in the visual aspect, were done with only a rudimentary knowledge of Koikatsu and Ren’py. Going forward, almost all aspects of the story will be revisited and improved upon, mainly in regards to menus, screens, and animations. Characters are also going to evolve and have their appearances altered to hopefully look “better”, though have their changes make sense inside the story. Critiques, criticisms, and ideas on how to improve things, especially in a visual or coding aspect are greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy.

Game Images & Screenshots


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