Daigaku Gurashi [v1.07] By YamiToast0401


YamiToast0401 Games released a new game called Daigaku Gurashi and the version is 1.07. The game’s story is about is an anime-themed social simulator set in the strange small town of Kimyōmori. You’re temporarily living there to do a year of schooling at Monorisū College. Contains adult content: Sexual themes (no actual nudity), bullying, depression, off-screen suicide, strong language, alcohol, and handholding.​

Developer: YamiToast0401
File Size: 312 MB
Version: 1.07
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Daigaku Gurashi V1.07

Daigaku Gurashi V1.05

Developer Notes:


  • An awesome soundtrack composed by Starbit Light and SegaCDX
  • 18000+ lines of dialogue that can be run through many accent combinations and with many having dynamic fill-in-the-blanks
  • NPCs judging each other who aren’t biased towards or against the player!
  • Lots of character customization (visuals, personality, interests, pronouns, sexuality, speech-patterns)
  • Many character traits that can be mixed and matched (tsundere, pickpocket, kuudere, vegetarian, chuunibyou, masochist, introvert, etc.)
  • Lots of short voice-clips
  • Randomly-generated students with the option to import custom ones
  • Achievements that unlock more customization options
  • Develop friendships, rivalries, love, lust
  • Futanari (you can disable futanari in the options)
  • Shopping and item inventory

Things to note:

  • Only for PC
  • No controller support
  • A scroll-wheel is highly recommended
  • Contains adult content: sexual themes (no actual nudity), bullying, depression, off-screen suicide, strong language, alcohol

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