Cosplay House [v12.0 Alpha] By PixelDottod


PixelDottod Games released a new game called Cosplay House and the version is 12.0 Alpha. The game’s story is about Cosplay House is a business sim about conquering the cosplay adult industry using any means you deem necessary. You take on the role of manager at a small (but growing!) cam girl house. You train the newest generation of young Cosplayer girls and you’ll have to decide who to hire, who gets promoted, and what characters they will incarnate. But you also have the responsibility to train your recruit. Teaching them new sex techniques will help them get more followers and popularity. Cosplay house is in the very early alpha phase. If you are looking for full experience, I strongly suggest waiting for future updates.​

Developer: PixelDottod
File Size: 109.2 MB
Version: 12.0 Alpha
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details


Alpha 12 – Amelie second date

Amelie second date:

  • New Amelie SMS
  • New Amelie date
  • New scene (pussy licking)

QoL improvement:

  • Tutorial are more progressively dispatched.
  • Research unlocks more progressively.
  • New tutorial: Earning money

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the date when loading the game from a save.
  • Infinite hygiene code also unlock bathroom research.

Technical issues:

  • Refacto SMS input file to be more readable

Alpha 10 – Violet second date

  • Violet second date:
    • Added 5 new sms conversations for Violet.
    • Added a new dialogue and scene for violet : thighjob.
  • Map characters animations:
    • Added new IDLE animations for characters on the map.
    • Added Work animation for Violet.
    • Fixed animations bugs when returning to the map.

Alpha 7.0 is out!
Hey eveyrone!

I’m excited to share with you the latest update, Alpha 7.0, packed with new content and improvements!

Here’s what’s new in this version:
Violet’s First Date

  • Experience a romantic date with Violet at the park.
  • Enjoy a new dynamic scene (analingus) exclusive to this date.
  • Replay the scene to relive the magic.

New Tutorial System

  • Learn the ropes with our new tutorial system.
  • Get guidance on dynamic scenes, character actions, and dating mechanics.

Improved Dynamic Scene Clarity

  • Spot the icon at the start of a dynamic scene for easier identification.
  • The dialogue bubble changes color when you’re in a dynamic scene.
  • Skip function now pauses when entering a dynamic scene.

Shortened Introduction

  • To enhance the flow, certain introduction dialogues have been merged.

Temporary Removal

  • Amélie’s SMS feature and the settings button have been temporarily removed but will be added back in the next update along with her first date.

Thank you for your continued support! Enjoy the new update!

Developer Notes:

Game is in alpha phase. It is not balanced and missing key features and contents. I hope you do enjoy it and any feedback are welcome! Cosplay outfits are coming in the next major alpha release.

Game Images & Screenshots

Online: (Alpha 11.0)

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