Corpo Life [v0.11d] By CorpoLife_dev


CorpoLife_dev Games released a new game called Corpo Life and the version is 0.11d. The game’s story is about Assuming the role of a newly hired fresh graduate in one of the Wallstreet large banks. Climb the corporate ladder, be the most powerful man in the bank, and eventually in the whole financial industry. Meet beautiful coworkers and fellow corporate drones. Interact, befriend, and date them.

Developer: CorpoLife_dev
File Size: 5.77 GB
Version: 0.11d
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Corpo Life 0.11d (Talent Hunt – Momo Honda)
Release Note:

  • Bug fixing (missing picture) etc and rebalancing some energy requirements
  • New character Momo Honda
  • New 4 scenes with Momo
  • New 4 3-some scenes with Momo-Nene
  • New Car (Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible)
  • New 2 scenes with Yuna
  • Can call Anne H to repeat the scene you had when purchasing the large house

Corpo Life 0.11c (Talent Hunt – Nene Yoshi)
Release Note:

  • Bug fixing (obviously)
  • New Character: Nene Yoshi (with 9 new scenes)
  • New Character – Yuna Shiina (introduction – drinking and kissing scene)

Corpo Life 0.11b (Talent Hunt)

  • Bug fixing (obviously)
  • Gameplay: Now you can buy the Large House (10 Million Bucks)
  • New Character: Reona Costa (with 8 new scenes)
  • New Character – Special: Previous owner of the Large House
  • 3 Additional scenes with Remu Anastasia

Game Images & Screenshots

Win (v0.11d): GDRIVE
Update Only (0.11c to 0.11d): GDRIVE – GOFILE – MEGA

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