Cara in Creekmaw [E1P2] By Ariaspoaa


Ariaspoaa Games released a new game called Cara in Creekmaw and the version is E1P2. The game’s story is about Cara returning to Creekmaw to visit her mother over the course of 2 days after moving out a year ago with her fiancé. Mysteries start to pile on upon her return, with the town and its townspeople harboring many secrets and their own intentions.​

Developer: Ariaspoaa
File Size: 1.46 GB
Version: E1P2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Episode 1 Part 2

  • Initial episode part public release.
  • Added “Guided Walkthrough” feature, a feature that will display additional information when Cara is faced with dialogue choices.
  • Updated questionnaire at the start of the game to allow the player to start at the most recent update (in this case: E1P2).

Episode 1 Part 1

  • Initial episode part release.
  • KNOWN ISSUES: Phone can bug out where the screen becomes blank. To workaround this, press the home button at the bottom middle of the phone screen, which will bring you back to the contacts list.


Fixed a possible soft-lock where the player skips the dialogue into the first journal tutorial, causing all clicking functionality to break. The tutorials now do not require the player to physically press the journal to progress the tutorial, and now have new indicators to show where the journal is during these tutorials. Thank you Boogg for bringing this up!

Developer Notes:

I fully understand if this is not everyone’s cup of tea, which is the reason for the warning above as well as a full disclosure warning at the start of the game. I also hugely appreciate each and every one of you for viewing the thread (regardless of whether or not you played the game) and I am excited to continually develop Episode 1, which is slated for mid-March 2023 to mid-April 2023.

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