Cabin by the Lake [v0.22d] By Nunu


Nunu Games released a new game called Cabin by the Lake and the version is 0.22d. The game’s story is about When you were younger you were inseparable from the girls you grew up with, but as time past they moved away and you grew apart. But now you are coming to a reunion, to reconnect and see how you’ve all changed and grown. Although it might not go well at first, you find yourself back there again, with the power to change how things went. What will you shape your relations into? Why is the past changing? And how is the reunion repeating?​

Developer: Nunu
File Size: 945.5 MB
Version: 0.22d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Lisa Sprites done (Just Cassidy to go)
  • You can send Haily away from the scenes where Lina is peeping on either Sami or Alex
  • There is a short scene where Haily completes her impossible task at C4
  • If you aren’t in bed, you can discover a scene between Carla C3 and Sami C2 on Monday early morning
  • You can discover Sami’s moonstone if you catch her not finding anything else in your bag on Sunday midnight
  • You can ask Haily about her necklace when talking to her by the lakeside on Sunday night
  • You can get a mail from Alex during this scene
  • Complete rebuild of the scene guides primary screen, you can now filter scenes by character
  • New Jenny Dream
  • There is a new outcome of watching the sorority video with Alex at C5 and Haily at C4
  • At C5, Alex will wake you up in a very special way on Saturday
  • When Sami bedcrawls, there may be new hugging related activities if you got up to something before
  • You can get a new mail from Sami’s bedcrawl
  • When talking to Alex in the forest she will now have sex with you
  • New mails if you get Alex pregnant in corruption level 5
  • Several alternate emails that also apply breast expansion if the characters achieved it
  • If you get Alex pregnant, while saying you don’t want a kid, Lin will send you a mail


  • Updates to the new scene guide to reduce lag and increase readability
  • Alex now always masturbates on Saturday night at C3 or higher
  • Removed Availability system from saturday dinner and simplified an invisible time system
  • Several scenes in the guide were compressed into sub scenes
  • Several scenes now allow you to chose between them instead of becoming unavailable as corruption progresses
  • The altered note can now be unlocked as a corruption for Lisa
  • Mails that are breast enhancement variants are now more neatly displayed


  • Removed some photos that aren’t usable from various trading sequences
  • Fixed a mislabeled variable that locked all Slex forest C4 specific content
  • Fixed several video’s in Alex’s bedcrawl that weren’t looping
  • A lot, I wasn’t keeping track of them, sorry



  • If you successfully stole Haily’s top, you can meet her after dinner when she is looking for it
  • There is a mail from Lina available here
  • Lina can attempt to use the pocket watch on you on Sunday at noon
  • There is corruption for Lina available from the hottub scene
  • Some new short intros to what Lina wants during C1 and C2 so that it’s tied together a bit better
  • You can attempt to hypnotise Alex and Haily before the hot tub
  • Lina can join you in the hot tub when it all goes wrong (Also some minor Haily C4 updates)
  • You can talk to Lin about getting her panties
  • You can investigate both your room and the kitchen any time there isn’t a scene there
  • There are new photos you can get for trading if you visit your room while Sami is asleep
  • Lina Bio
  • Lina Hypnosis Dream
  • You may ask Lina for special requests while bartering
  • You can talk to Lin about getting her panties
  • There is a findable object in the kitchen after that (The code is solvable, but not usable yet. Also the code will not be required to be solved)
  • You can now dig up some old photos of Alex that she had sent you
  • Complete rewrite of how Lina deals with trading images
  • Complete rewrite of how Haily deals with trading images


  • Calling Haily for C0 is now done from your bedroom any time during the day without Sami
  • New sprites for Lina
  • Replaced asking Lina for quests with her offering them to you when they are available
  • Lina can now get her C2 progression from handling her
  • Overhaul to all the map buttons so that they overlap less, should improve map lag
  • Multiple scene choices now have a back option
  • You can now ask for photo’s from everyone if you are getting pictures for Carla’s scrapbook
  • You can also ask to take photos just for trading with Lina
  • All instances of taking photos now have an accompanying photo
  • Changed how the guide and map interact under the hood to reduce lag when they are both displayed


  • Missing guide screens are now handled in a robust fashion and will not error
  • A cataclysmic amount of spellin and grammar fixes
  • Instances requiring Lina’s panties now trigger correctly again
  • Giving photos to Haily no long autocompletes at the highest level due to a cardinal sin of programming
  • Guide for haily and lina’s photos now doesn’t collaps in on itself
  • Render is properly hidden during Carla walking in on sami’s oral support
  • A lot of missing ejaculations now trigger the ejaculation counter
  • The guide will no longer error if you haven’t visited any scenes
  • The buttons for Alex’s new mail displays properly
  • Accident in Alex’s rewards section
  • Mislabled jump when returning photos to Haily
  • Missing render in Alex bedcrawl
  • Improper sprite layering in Lin and Lisa
  • Many guide fixes
  • Just… So many bugs…

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