Big City’s Pleasures [v0.7.0] By Porcus


Porcus Games released a new game called Big City’s Pleasures and the version is 0.7.0. The game’s story is about The game is about Tony, a young man who grew up in a small, mid-western town far from the Big City, but has to move and live in it, in order to attend college. Luckily…his childhood friend, Gina, allows him to take a room in the apartment she shares with her close friend, Jessy. And with this situation, he begins his adventures… reconnecting with his friend and a few other girls from the city. Soon, he will find himself in unusual situations that will develop his sexuality in many ways… but not everything is what it seems in the city, and Tony will be entangled in more than a mystery.

We are two perverted men who, for a long time, had a great time playing porno-erotic games, and one day, we asked ourselves if we could create our own game. Crazy ideas were plentiful, so after devoting lots of time and enthusiasm, we went about learning everything necessary to make this dream a reality. It has been a difficult journey, but we have had a great time in all aspects of the project, and we hope that people enjoy it as much as we do! Please feel free to comment on any aspect to improve the game and experience.

First of all, we want to make one thing very clear…we didn’t start this project for the money because we already had stable jobs and this is more like a hobby. What that means, is that all of your contributions will be devoted to game development and creation! We love doing this!! Invest in us if you like/enjoy the project if you’re having fun playing and want to motivate us to move forward with more strength… to buy cool things for the game… to get better workstations and offer faster updates… to hire people to help us improve our weak points … invest only if you feel like it! There will always be a free version to play! 😉

Developer: Porcus
File Size: 11.04 GB
Version: 0.7.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Here’s some data about this new version:

  • 75 New animations
  • 333 New images
  • 12 New songs

Improvements in the programming:

  • Redesign of the Fashion Store interface
  • Now showing custom playername in replays
  • Some small fixes/improvements

Here’s some data about this new version:

  • 352 New images
  • 8 New animations
  • 4 New songs

Improvements in the programming:

  • Added an interactive explanation about the game’s mechanics
  • Improved dialogue/text readability
  • Made a lot of blocking animations skippable
  • New location unlocked screen
  • New screen when there’s nothing to do at a location
  • Some small fixes/improvements

Developer Notes:

Concerning version 0.2.4c :

  • See Gina continuation scene (you can see the whole scene to refresh memory) (it’s automatic when you load the save)
  • Just after the Gina’s continuation scene, go talk to Ms Cooper, (you’re angry with her)
  • Keep going to the philosophy class as there are little scenes with Ms Cooper
  • Watch Jessy try to convince you to accept her offer (first scene: you should make breakfast any day / second scene: go shower on Tuesday)
  • Accept Jessy’s offer (Friday night in her room)
  • Accepting Jessy’s offer will trigger the scene with Sandra (Cassandra Vamp) and the first “Sexcam” session with Jessy
  • Continuing with Ms. Cooper, once Megan visits the city (there’s a new scene with Becky in the middle), if you go back to the class of philosophy she will give you an envelope…
  • You can use the money to buy a “spider drone” in the store, and enjoy the extra offer that the shop assistant makes you
  • With the spider drone you can spy on Gina in the bathroom at night
  • Finally, go back to Ms. Cooper’s house to talk about various things…
  • And for the final scene, once you’ve done everything above, just go sleep in your room

Game Images & Screenshots

v0.3: Old saves don’t work.

Update Only (v0.4.x -> v0.7.0): GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN – UPLOADHAVEN

Split Download
Part 1
Part 1


Patches: Incest Patch*

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