Better Life? Remake [v0.02] By MOK(BH)


MOK(BH) Games released a new game called Better Life? Remake and the version is 0.02. The game’s story is about This is a story about a struggling man named Zack, whose actions are for you to decide. Will you make the right decisions to make his life better? ~Please note that the story is still being written, so everything might change in the final release~

Developer: MOK(BH)
File Size: 144.6 MB
Version: 0.02
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Remade the game in Renpy

Developer Notes:

This game is about forced gender-bending, so if you are not into it then this game is not for you. As of now, the game is only in the proof of concept stage. In the future you will be able to choose whether to stay as a female or turn back into a male, and, eventually, there will be more options as well.

I’m also new to making games/rendering and English isn’t my first language, so if you encounter any problem, will try to fix it as soon as I can.

Game Images & Screenshots


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