Absolute Domination [v1.2] By RudeStudio


RudeStudio Games released a new game called Absolute Domination and the version is 1.2. The game’s story is about What if the ultimate power fell into the hands of a young and naive boy? This question will be answered in the game absolute domination. When our protagonist receives a power reserved only for rulers. He uses it to satisfy his sexual needs by controlling all the girls around him, in an uncontrolled way. Until one day, he meets a girl who can resist that power and make him feel danger is coming to him…

Developer: RudeStudio
File Size: 3.06 GB
Version: 1.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fix some bugs
  • Add plot hints when the main character wakes up every morning at home
  • Add more story route, more girls, more place to explore
  • Add work at Southern street to earn money.
  • Users can now change the main character’s name as they please

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

This is the first release, so this project will always be updated weekly on patreon. The content of the updates will include user interface, plot, characters route,…

Game Images & Screenshots


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